Unique Dive Sites in Greece

Dive Sites in Greece

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Dive sites in Greece are within the huge coastline and they’re ready to be explored. Discover its seabed and its unique treasures. Dive into the deep sea and it’s in crystal clear waters and admire a world filled with amazing sea life. Enjoy every moment of diving holidays in Greece, creating memories through a fantastic journey. Find the most beautiful shells on the unexplored bottom and the most wonderful little creatures.  Greece is respected for the unique view of its shipwrecks and outstanding areas. Combining your holiday with diving is something that makes it unique. Greece is fully organized in scuba diving, providing equipment, educational programs and diplomas.

Dive Sites in Andros Island

Andros is a wonderful island in the Cyclades, that gives the opportunity to a traveller to discover the unique beauty of the Aegean underwater world. The island is one of the many dive sites in Greece and it is a few kilometres away from Athens as well as the other islands, making it an ideal holiday destination for a perfect scuba diving experience. Andros has many popular diving sites along its coastline, which offer excellent visibility into the sea and great natural life. Enjoy diving in wonderful islets and discover their secrets, like Tourlitis, Megalo, Gaidaros, Prassos, Akamatis and Plati. Explore underwater landscapes with amazing sea life in Kalamaki, Agios Sostis and Foffis. Dive into the nearby island of Giaros and live a unique experience of adventure in its crystal clear waters. Andros has beautiful shipwrecks with magnificent views in the bottom of the sea. Find the stories behind them such as the German wreck at Korthi bay. Also, it is worth visiting the shipwreck of Cabrera which is in the northern coast of the Island.