Scuba diving for kids

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Kids, scuba diving & safety Scuba diving is fascinating, but how safe is for kids? According to PADI (the Professional Association of Dive Instructors), children can qualify as Junior Open Water Divers from the age of 12. Since your child has good psychology, is mature and ready to learn the secrets of the seabed, then […]

Tips for taking great underwater photographs

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The magical world of the seabed in your pictures Learn how to take unique photos on the bottom, with tips for beginners and advanced photographers. You can be great photographers, thanks to advanced camera technology, flash and special filters. However, underwater photography is an experience that includes a new, different level of skill. To achieve a perfect […]

Fitness, Exercise and Scuba Diving

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Fitness, Exercises and Scuba Diving To start a course for scuba diving does not require any special knowledge. What you really need is a relatively good physical condition. Diving lessons are very fun and enjoyable, but they require a level of physical fitness. You just need to include daily exercise in your life, to possess this […]

Snorkeling | 7 tips before diving into the water

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Snorkeling | Explore the seabed of Greece Snorkeling is ideal for those who love the sea and want to explore the beautiful seabed. It’s the simplest form of diving, also suitable for young children and does not require much experience or too much training to learn it. Below we provide some useful tips on what […]